Can I transfer credits from a previous class I took?

Applies to: Those who are seeking to potentially have a transfer of credits for a previous class they took, either at SWIHA or from another institution. 

*Transfer of Credits is NOT guaranteed*

The first step is to let your Admissions Coach know that you are seeking to have some previous credit(s) transferred to the new program you are enrolling in. 

*This previous course you are looking to transfer must be from an accredited institution as well as have been completed within the last 10 years. *

Your admissions coach will inform you of the next steps, including: 

  • Completing a Course Transfer Form
  • Sending over your official transcripts
  • And including either the official course description or syllabus.

Once the Admissions Coach has gathered all this information from you, they will send over your request to the SWIHA Student Services department for review. You should hear back if the transfer is accepted within 1-3 weeks. 

*It is preferred to know you would like to request a transfer of credits BEFORE you are officially enrolled in your program*


For more information or to get connected with an Admissions Coach, please call 480-994-9244 or email