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Does SWIHA accept VA benefits?

Applies to: Military students and their families who are interested in learning the VA benefits that SWIHA accepts.

SWIHA is a Certified Veteran Supportive Campus (VSC).

The purpose of becoming a certified VSC is to better understand the needs of military students and become continually responsive to those needs. A VSC will need to stay current on community resources applicable to the various needs of their military students and their families, as well as complete military sensitivity and awareness trainings offered by the Arizona Coalition for Military Families (ACMF) for both staff and students.

The programs below are approved for VA benefits:

 Advanced Professional Hypnotherapy – Online 
 Advanced Professional Hypnotherapy – Residential 
 Advanced Yoga Teacher-Healing Arts Practitioner 
 Holistic Health and Wellness Coach 
 Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner 
 Master Massage Practitioner 
 Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner 
 Professional Massage Practitioner 
 Western Herbalism 
 Yoga Advanced Teacher Training 
 Yoga Teacher Training 

Click HERE to view more information about Applying for VA benefits as well as resources and support available to you.