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What is Cranial Unwinding?

Applies to: Students who are interested in enrolling in the Cranial Unwinding Certificate of Excellence or individual Cranial classes. 

SWIHA offers a comprehensive 200-hour Cranial Unwinding program that is based on the research of the brain, spine, dural tube, and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The dural tube is a membrane that surrounds the spinal cord; the space between it and the spine, as well as around the brain, is filled with CSF. 

There is a rhythmic pulsation that keeps the tube and fluid in motion. Holistic practitioners can feel this rhythm, and with a very gentle touch of about five grams, can manipulate the ebb and flow which promotes healing on multiple levels, especially through the use of the nervous system.

At the center of this kind of energy work is the motivation to restore balance in the energy field within the neck, spine, and pelvis. By moving the energy, you can remove blockages and restore flow.

  • Students can either enroll in the 200-hour Certificate of Excellence program through an Admissions Coach
  • Or enroll in a singular class through our registration system, Orbund
      • For assistance with Orbund, please call Student Services at 480-994-9244