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What is the Aromatherapy Certificate of Excellence?

Applies to: Students who are interested in enrolling in the Aromatherapy Certificate of Excellence or individual Aromatherapy classes. 

In Aromatherapy, “essential oils” are extracted and distilled from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots, or other elements of a plant. The use of essential oils to enhance health and wellness goes back thousands of years.

Students enrolled in the Aromatherapy Certificate of Excellence program will study introductory and advanced Aromatherapy, including pharmacology, flower essences, five-element acupressure, foot chakra reflexology, massage oils, therapeutic touch, and more.

Click HERE to view our Aromatherapy Program Page on our Website. 

  • The Aromatherapy Certificate of Excellence is on-campus only. To enroll, you must do so through an Admissions Coach. 
    • There is no Certificate of Excellence available online, however, there are individual classes that are available online.
Click HERE to utilize Orbund to enroll in individual Aromatherapy courses.

**If you have never used Orbund before, please call Student Services for further assistance at 480-994-9244. If you are a returning user of Orbund, you may register for the individual class by yourself*