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What is the Myotherapy Certificate of Excellence?

Applies to: Those interested in learning more about the Myotherapy Certificate of Excellence. 

Myotherapy 7-Step Massage was the ‘flagship’ program of this institute. This technique is based on the deeply therapeutic work developed and documented by KC Miller, Founder, and Director of SWIHA.

SWIHA’s 100-hour Myotherapy program may be taken to fulfill part of your primary specialty requirements within some of our massage programs to enhance your skills as a Professional Therapist or Bodyworker. In this program, you will learn the advanced techniques of Myotherapy – a therapeutic system or framework from which to create release and rehabilitation for the physical and emotional body. This is done by learning to move the skeletal structure in a way that releases trapped muscles and, often, trapped emotions. 

Therapeutic Benefits of Myotherapy

  • Improve chronic pain and dysfunction
  • Treat carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Ease neck, back, and shoulder issues
  • “Unlock” or free stuck areas of the body
  • Release trapped emotions
  • Relieve sports-related injuries

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