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What is the Urban Farming and Conscious Living Certificate of Excellence?

Applies to: Those interested in learning more about the On-Campus Urban Farming and Conscious Living Certificate of Excellence. 

This COE is available on-campus only

In SWIHA’s Urban Farming and Conscious Living Program, you will study techniques for growing food for your own use or to share and sell. You will be taught to embrace S.O.U.L food – Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed, and Local. You will learn to transform your personal or community green spaces into productive gardens, whether you’re in the city or a rural area.

Urban agriculture as a passion and a profession is expanding as more people in urban areas fall in love with this productive and healthy way of living. The basic requirements necessary for productive growth are sun, containers, soil, plants, and water. With these items, plus time and knowledge, you will be a city farmer in no time at all!

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