What is the Whole Foods Culinary Specialist Certificate of Excellence?

Applies to: Those interested in learning more about the Online Whole Foods Culinary Specialist Certificate of Excellence. 

This COE is available only online.

Students will learn:

  • Healthy food improvements for today’s modern diets 
  • How to customize meal planning 
  • Learn simple gluten-free food preparation 
  • How to prepare seasonal food options 
  • How to create a budget for small and large groups 
  • Understand the requirements for a food handler’s license
  • Knife skills
  • Learn how to become a personal chef and conduct food demonstrations 
  • Marketing and food photography

Classes Include: 

Nutrition – Raw Food Cuisine I – OL
Nutrition – Whole Foods Cuisine I – OL
Nutrition – Advanced Whole Foods & Raw Cuisine – OL
Nutrition – Culinary Applications & Business Perspectives – OL

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