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What Massage Therapy Continuing Education (CEU) is available at SWIHA?

Applies to: Massage Therapists looking to continue their education and/or meet requirements for licensing purposes.

SWIHA offers a wide range of classes to help you meet necessary license requirements. Our Massage Therapy courses range from 4 to 60 credit hours. Please call Student Services at 480-994-9244 to register for a class.

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Many of these classes are approved by

  • The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).
  • We also offer several online CEU courses for out-of-state students or those who desire the flexibility of online study.

*Final approval of Massage CEU is determined by the Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy — We encourage you to check with them directly if you have any questions about a course being approved.

*Arizona requires 700 hours for a state massage license and a minimum of 24 CEU hours every two years. A licensee may complete a maximum of 12 of these hours from a correspondence or distance learning format.

Aroma-Auriculotherapy ONLINE                                            

Aromatherapy - Essential Oil Hydrating Wrap                   

Aromatherapy - Foot Chakra Reflexology for Bodyworkers              

Aromatherapy - Ginger Compress                                         

Aromatherapy – Intro                                                        

Aromatherapy - Intro ONLINE                                              

Aromatherapy - Massage with Oils                                

Aromatherapy – Pharmacology                                                      

Aromatherapy - Toning & Detox                                                     

Aromatherapy - Wellness for Women                                      



Breast Health – Intro                                                        

Breast Health I                                                               

Breast Health II                                                               

Canine Massage                                                                       

Carpal Tunnel/Thoracic Outlet Release                                     

Chakras – Intro                                                               

Corporate Chair                                                                       

Cranial Unwinding I                                                          

Cranial Unwinding II                                                          

Cranial Unwinding III                                                         

Cranial Unwinding IV                                                        

Deep Tissue Sculpting                                                       

East Indian Head Acupressure                                              

Elder Touch – Medical                                                       

Energetic Acupressure – Intro                                               

Face-Lift Acupressure                                                        

Fibromyalgia Therapy                                                        

Flower Essences ONLINE                                                   

Hand & Wrist Health Maintenance                                         

Hydrotherapy for Injury Management                             

Kinesiology - Anatomical Applications                             

Lower Back Pain Release                                           

Lymphatic Massage                                                 

Massage Sideline w/Deep Listening                                        

Medical Massage for Cancer Survivors                                     

Mother Touch                                                                

Mother Touch – Advanced                                                           

Myotherapy - 7 Step Release System                                                

Neck Release                                                                

Neuro Touch - Neuromuscular Re-education Techniques                          

Pathology – BW                                                                       

Polarity - Basic I                                                              

Polarity - Basic II (Ayurvedic Elements)                                     

Polarity - 5 & 6 Point Star                                          

Polarity - Communications, Resonance & Relations I                      

Polarity - Communications, Resonance & Relations II                               

Polarity - Reflexology for Bodyworkers                                              

Polarity - Spinal Balancing                                                    

Reflexology - A Western Approach for Bodyworkers                                

Reflexology - Assessment Skills for Bodyworkers                          

Reflexology - Emotional Balance & Being for Bodyworkers              

Reflexology - Clinic for Bodyworkers                                        

Reflexology - Hand for Bodyworkers                                       

Reiki I – Traditional                                                           

Removing the Armor                                                                   

Rock & Unlock                                                                

Rotator Cuff/Shoulder Joint                                                

Scar Tissue Massage                                                         

SOAP Notes                                                                  

SpaLomi Massage                                                   

Sports Massage – Intro                                                       

Swedish Sedona                                                              

Thai Massage - Foot Massage                                     

Thai Massage – Traditional                                                   

Thumbless Therapy                                                          

Toe Reading - Reflexology Assessment I - Elemental ONLINE                    

Toe Reading I – Reflexology Assessment & Intro to Dialogue           

Trigger Point