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What Yoga Teacher Training programs are available on campus at SWIHA?

Applies to: All potential and current students looking to enroll in Yoga Teacher Training Programs.

Students who have successfully completed Yoga Teacher training with SWIHA, a Registered Yoga School (RYS®), receive a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®) designation based on their level of training and teaching experience. Come take a tour of our facility we are located in Tempe, Arizona.

Choose from among the following three program pathways:

 Yoga Teacher Training – 200 Hours
 Yoga Advanced Teacher Training – 600 Hours
 Advanced Yoga Teacher & Healing Arts Practitioner – 800 Hours

Gain specialty tools and experience to expand your offerings as a yoga teacher and as a facilitator of healing to those called to work with you

Certificate of Excellence:

 Yoga Nidra – 100 Hours
 Yoga Body Psychology – 100 Hours

Yoga Electives:

 Yoga – Transformational Yoga Coaching – 40 Hours
 Yoga – The Bhakti Path: Devotion, Song & Ceremony – 40 hours
 Yoga – Intro to Sacred Sound & Meditation – Singing Bowls & the Gong – 20 Hours

Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. SWIHA is a nationally-accredited college approved by the United States Department of Education. Students enrolled in programs of 600 hours or more may qualify for Federal Student Aid in the form of Pell Grants and Student loans.